The Bay Area Civil Liberties Coalition

The Bay Area Civil Liberties Coalition

The Bay Area Civil Liberties Coalition works actively to empower individual efforts and collective initiatives to support civil rights and defeat illegal government spying.

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Opposition to the Urban Shield Trade Show

The 9th annual Urban Shield - the SWAT team training and weapons expo that brings together local, regional and global police-military units - will be held in Oakland this coming September 4-8 at the Marriott Hotel Convention Center.

In The Last Year We've

  • Defeated plans to expand the Oakland Domain Awareness “Spy” Center.
  • Passed through the California Senate SB828, The Fourth Amendment Protection Act, which prohibits California from cooperating with the NSA until they comply with the Fourth Amendment.
  • Organized “Shame On Feinstein,” a trans-partisan coalition to put pressure on Senator Feinstein to stop defending mass surveillance.

Member Organizations

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Media Alliance

Oakland Privacy Working Group

Restore the Fourth

San Francisco 99% Coalition

World Can't Wait