Our Accomplishments


In The Last Year We’ve

  • Defeated plans to expand the Oakland Domain Awareness “Spy” Center.
  • Passed through the California Senate SB828, The Fourth Amendment Protection Act, which prohibits California from cooperating with the NSA until they comply with the Fourth Amendment.
  • Organized “Shame On Feinstein,” a trans-partisan coalition to put pressure on Senator Feinstein to stop defending mass surveillance
  • Coordinated the live and in-person Bay Area events for national online days of action on NSA Surveillance
  • Helped drive the Urban Shield Police Expo out of Downtown Oakland

Coming Up

  • Passing Transparency Ordinances for the use of militarized equipment by local law enforcement in cities and towns across the Bay Area (and the nation).
  • Developing in the Bay Area a pilot 1-week surveillance curriculum for middle-schoolers
  • Getting accountability for United States torture – specifically getting John Yoo out of UC Berkeley’s Law School

and much more.

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Who We Are


The Bay Area Civil Liberties Coalition works actively to empower individual efforts and support collective initiatives within the San Francisco Bay Area to support human rights, defeat illegal spying and surveillance and end abuse and militarization by local, regional, statewide and national government agencies and criminal justice/homeland security programs.

Individuals and organizations that support this work are encouraged to join us. Voting memberships for new organizations are subject to approval by the founding organizations. BACLC also engages in project-based collaborative work with a wide variety of organizations.

Current Members

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Code Pink

Courage to Resist

Media Alliance

Oakland Privacy Working Group

Restore The Fourth, Bay Area

San Francisco Libertarian Party

San Francisco 99% Coalition

World Can’t Wait

We’re recruiting! Come join us!